Dotnet Training Institute In Chennai
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Program Name : .Net (C# , ASP.Net)

Training Duration : 40hrs

Call / Whatsapp 7550245795 / 9677167119

Syllabus for C# : 

1. Introduction to C#.Net-Console Applications

  • Introduction, writing simple Console applications, compilation using vbc/csc utility,namespaces,assembles,usage of imports/using keyword
  • Data types-value type, reference types with examples, variable declaration and usage of variables
  • Boxing and Unboxing, creating and using aliases, strings handling, operators,types and usage
  • Conditional statements, looping statements, math and date functions
  • Arrays, Structures, Enumerations

2. Object Oriented Prog.Systems (OOPS)

  • Concepts ofClassesand Objects, components inside a classrooms features
  • Language and Syntax EnhancementsClassesand Methods
  • Working with Constructors and Destructors, default constructors, parameterized constructors
  • Exception handling-Introduction, try. Catch finally, create custom exceptions, throw an exception using throw statement
  • Working with Collections-System, Collections namesapce,Arrays vs. Collections
  • Arraylist, Hastable, Icollection Interface, enumerable Interface etc.
  • File Handling-System.IO namespace,streamreader/stream writerclasses, reading and writing with Files
  • Properties and Access Modifiers
  • Inheritances, abstractclasses, Interfaces
  • Polymorphism(Function Overloading and Operator Overloading)
  • Delegates
  • Multithreading

Syllabus for ASP . Net

1. Introduction to Web Programming-ASP.Net

  • Client/Server technology in Internet Environment
  • How internet and Intranet works
  • Client side script vs.Serverside scripts
  • Understanding the Importance of Web Server
  • Creating and working with virtual directory in IIS

2. Working with Server Controls

  • Standard Controls, Navigation Controls

3. Validation Controls in

  • Introduction to Validation Controls
  • Common properties, working with common validation controls

4. Intrinsic Objects under Asp.Net

  • Request,Response,session objects with examples
  • Application object, Server Object,ViewState Objects

5. State Management in Asp.Net

  • Page Level, User Level, Website Level, cleaning the Session State
  • Global Application Class (global.asax)
  • Difference b/w machne.config,web.config files
  • Working with Master Pages-Simple merging of Contents
  • Usage of Master pages in Websites

6. Data binding and Reporting

  • Data binding Concepts
  • Master/Details Reports with Dropdownlist
  • Linking Crystal reports to Webforms
  • Working with Gridview,Repeater controls
  • Binding to Collections and List,DataList,DataBinder.Eval() methods

Caching-Importance of Caching,Working with Caching,type of Caching,setting cache duration

Mailing with Asp.Net-mailMessage and smtpmail class, provising security-while sending mails

Uploading Files-working with FileUpload Control,restrcing the type and size of files

Security in Asp.Net

Security with Session Object, Codebased security, Windows authentication, forms authentication

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