EC-Council Certified Security Analyst - ECSA Training in Chennai
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EC Council Certified Security Analyst, ECSA is an advanced ethical hacking training certification that complements the Certified Ethical Hacker, CEHcertification by exploring the analytical phase of ethical hacking. While the Certified Ethical Hacker certification exposes the learner to hacking tools and technologies, the Certified Security Analyst course takes it a step further by exploring how to analyze the outcome from these tools and technologies. Through groundbreaking network penetration testing methods and techniques, this pen testing computer security certification helps students perform the intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the information security of the infrastructure.


1. The Need for Security Analysis

2. Advanced Googling

3. TCP/IP Packet Analysis

4. Advanced Sniffing Techniques

5. Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus

6. Advanced Wireless Testing

7. Designing a DMZ

8. Snort Analysis

9. Log Analysis

10. Advanced Exploits and Tools

11. Pen Testing Methodologies

12. Customers and Legal Agreements

13. Rules of Engagement

14. Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling

15. Pre Penetration Testing Checklist

16. Information Gathering

17. Vulnerability Analysis

18. External Penetration Testing

19. Internal Network Penetration Testing

20. Routers and Switches Penetration Testing

21. Firewall Penetration Testing

22. IDS Penetration Testing

23. Wireless Network Penetration Testing

24. Denial of Service Penetration Testing

25. Password Cracking Penetration Testing

26. Social Engineering Penetration Testing

27. Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell phones Penetration Testing

28. Application Penetration Testing

29. Physical Security Penetration Testing

30. Database Penetration testing

31. VoIP Penetration Testing

32. VPN Penetration Testing

33. War Dialing

34. Virus and Trojan Detection

35. Log Management Penetration Testing

36. File Integrity Checking

37. Blue Tooth and Hand held Device Penetration Testing

38. Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing

39. Email Security Penetration Testing

40. Security Patches Penetration Testing

41. Data Leakage Penetration Testing

42. Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion

43. Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing

44. Penetration Testing Report Analysis

45. Post Testing Actions

46. Ethics of a Licensed Penetration Tester

47. Standards and Compliance



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